Leak Detection Durbanville

Leak detection is a specialised field, and even if the leak is found, you will need an experienced plumber to fix the problem.

When fixing leaking pipes, after identifying the leak making use of leak detection equipment such as thermal imaging testing, sound equipment, dye tests or gas tests, we often have to expose the area where the leak was detected. After we have fixed the leak, we normally advise that the area needs to be exposed for a specified period of time before being closed up, in order for it to dry out completely.

leak detection Durbanville

Thermal imaging testing

Thermal imaging testing is used to pinpoint pipes in the wall that are leaking, as a hotter (hot water) or colder (cold water) temperature is picked up where the leak is.

leak detection Bellville

Dye Testing

Dye tests are used whereby a dye is added to water and poured over a suspected leaking area – the dye will indicate where the leak is. Also used for testing in sewer systems and waste pipes.

leak detection Brackenfell

Audio Testing

Audio tests are used whereby a microphone is placed over the suspected area to “hear” a leaking pipe. Normally one can only hear running water on metallic pipes, such as copper or galvanized pipes etc.

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Pressure Testing

Pressure testing equipment is used to indicate a loss of pressure due to a leak on a cold or hot water pipe.